Richter Audio CDs

Complete Decca, Philips & DG Recordings

Complete Decca, Philips & DG Recordings (Limited Edition)
Box set

  • A 51 CD set, containing the complete Decca, Philips and DG recordings of one of the most enigmatic pianists in the history of recorded music.
  • The performances in this set cover a wide range of Richter s large repertoire, spanning nearly four decades of music making from 1956 to 1992—solo recitals, concertos, memorable chamber music collaborations and even as Lieder accompanist (Schubert’s Winterreise with tenor Peter Schreier).
  • A stylish lid-off box containing 49 CDs divided into 3 categories: Solo, Chamber and Concerto Recordings
  • 2 Bonus CDs containing a celebrated recording of Richter and Britten performing works by Schubert
  • A booklet in English, French and German including rare photos and an essay by Jed Distler.

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Complete Album Collection
For Pre-Order, to be released April 14, 2015
No details available as yet.

Complete Album Collection
Complete Album Collection

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